Brazilian Explorative Music - NYC 2013

On January 14th, 2013, the underground stage of (le) Poisson Rouge on the Village in NYC received the second edition of "Brazilian Explorative Music": a showcase of creative, off the beaten path, brazilian music, ranging from modern songwriting to european-jazz inspired improvisations and new music. The curator and idealizer of the evening was Rio de Janeiro's singer-songwriter Pedro Moraes. 

The lineup: Mozik, Gabriel Santiago Quartet, Ivo Senra Trio, Elissa Cassini, Gabriel Santiago Quartet, Sergio Krakowski's trio and Pedro Moraes' own band, performing songs from his previous work - Claroescuro - as well as some which will be featured on the next CD, currently being recorded. 

Pedro Sá Moraes

Zingareio Produções, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Brazilian singer-songwriter. "One of the 10 artists you should have known in 2012" - NPR.ORG